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Xero Migration Certification (eLearning)

Self-paced learning

40 Migration credits



Learning objectives

Please note that this certification is for Global Xero Partners only.

At the end of this certification, you will be able to:

  • state what you need to do to prepare and align your firm ready to adopt cloud-based accounting
  • state the elements of a successful project plan
  • manage objections within your firm
  • recommend the right Xero pricing plans to your clients
  • recommend the right timing for migration and what data to convert
  • advise on bank feeds and the preferred way for gathering client data
  • advise on a Chart of Accounts strategy
  • carry out post conversion checks

Course outline

    This certification follows Xero's recommended approach to migrating large numbers of clients to Xero. It's called the Digital Practice Journey and it has five stages:
    • Consider
    • Align
    • Plan
    • Migrate
    • Optimise
    This certification covers the first four stages.
    Course 1: Planning your Xero migration covers "Consider", "Align" and "Plan".
    Course 2: Migrating your clients to Xero covers "Migrate".

    There is a recertification course called Optimising Xero in your practice which covers "Optimise".

Pre-course preparations

You should have successfully completed Xero Advisor Certification, before attempting this certification. You will need headphones to listen to the audio narration on this course. We suggest you take a ten-minute break at the end of each course, to give you time to absorb the new knowledge.

Topics covered

  • Xero HQ
  • Conversion

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