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Businesses from across New Zealand share their stories about why they’re passionate about what they do and how Xero helped them along the way.

Lee Fish: taking fish to far-flung places

How a small New Zealand business delivers freshly-caught fish to cities on the other side of the world in 24 hours.
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Hunt and Gather: starting a beekeeping business from scratch

Rory and Hannah took a risk on an adventure. Find out why they chose beekeeping and how they’ve kept the business thriving.

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The Experience Collective: working on the move

Find out how a small business in the Wairarapa runs brewery tours on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

Read Rosie and Nick’s story

Volare: finding the perfect ingredients for an artisanal bakery

Ryan and Ed have created the ideal partnership. With complementary skills they've managed to build a thriving bakery in the Waikato.

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Maisey Harris & Co: more than just accountants

Nathan and Peter started a non-traditional accounting business that offers clients more than just tax advice. Find the secret to their success.

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The Raw Kitchen: realising the benefits of a plant-based diet

A passion for raw food drove Olivia Scott to start her own business, bringing healthy sweet treats to the streets of Auckland.

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Farmfeed: starting a farming business in a flat market

When Simon decided to start his own farming business, he went all out and started two. In a bad market. Find out how he survived.

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Kowtow: from refugee to global entrepreneur

Gosia's experiences gave her the global perspective to create a Fairtrade fashion label that's ethically made from seed to garment.

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MatWorks: How a passion for pilates inspired a flexible business

Phoebe created a mobile business to bring pilates to wherever people need it. Including the top of Auckland's Sky Tower.

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Coffee Supreme: finding a balance between life and work

Watch the video with Al Keating, owner of Coffee Supreme, to find out why he loves supporting local talent and just being in the moment.

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