The financial web: better for banks, better for small businesses

The financial web opens up banking, lending, and growth opportunities to the millions of small businesses that drive the economy

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Xero signs up 100 Australian banks

Rod Drury talks to CNBC about Xero's partnership with DBS in Singapore

The power of the digital platform for small business

How a Powerful Financial Web Is Rewiring Small-Business Economy

It’s not personal: the pros and cons of using your own credit card to fund a business

A proven global path on data sharing - Australia poised to lead

What the New Payments Platform will mean for business

The Financial Web is handing the power to small business, but they don’t know it yet

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What we can achieve

Xero’s intention is to enable (not compete with) financial institutions so, together, we can:

  • help small businesses at scale

  • connect small business to digital services

  • implement reciprocal data-sharing

Hear Xero founder Rod Drury explain the financial web in 35 seconds.

Hear Xero CEO Rod Drury explain the financial web
The Financial Web

A connected network drives better business

Xero small business customers connect with their banks and with their accountants and bookkeepers via Xero’s online accounting platform. 

It’s a web of financial connections that enables banks to deliver innovative services and enhanced customer experiences.

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