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Hear the update from Xero's CEO Steve Vamos and Chief Operating and Financial Officer Sankar Narayan on Xero's full year 2018 financial and operating results:

Xero’s 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

This year’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders (Meeting) was held on 16 August at 2pm AEST (4pm NZT), at Level 3, Establishment, 252 George Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Shareholders were able to attend the Meeting either in person, or virtually through an online platform.


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Xero’s shareholders approved the adoption of a new constitution at the Meeting. For more information on this and a summary of the changes, please see the Notice of Meeting. You can view a copy of the new constitution below:

Proposed New Constitution

Financial Assistance Disclosure Document

Xero is required to provide all shareholders with a disclosure document setting out details of financial assistance provided, or to be provided, to employees of Xero in connection with Xero’s restricted share plan. You can download the disclosure document below:

Financial Assistance Disclosure Document


12 years building momentum

Since our start in 2006, we’ve grown from a handful of small businesses in New Zealand to more than a million subscribers globally.

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"Our mission is to rewire the global economy, connecting millions of businesses to their banks, advisors and each other"

Rod Drury, Founder / Non-Executive Director

Xero’s sole listing on the ASX

View our shareholder FAQs and learn more about the transition to a sole listing on the ASX.

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Important dates

Annual Meeting of Shareholders: 16 August 2018

Half year results (FY2019) announced: 8 November 2018

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