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The Xero Lifelong Learning Platform is an online learning experience. It uses Xero as a tool to revolutionise the way you teach. Developed for the future of beautiful business, it's accessible education for anyone, anytime.

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What is the Xero Lifelong Learning Platform?

Help your students get job-ready with a live version of Xero to teach and learn on. Educators and training organisations will have access to templated business scenarios created by specialised content creators. So you can teach your students in a repeatable, cost effective and scalable way. So, give your students the latest platform to learn and they’ll be ready for the real world.

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Yes, you do want people to build skills, but reskilling and upskilling is the way we're all going to live - Rod Drury
Working better together

The Xero Lifelong Learning Platform is a collaborative, global platform. That means students have access to the latest technology, and educators have the most up-to-date tools. It's a revolutionary way to teach financial skills, setting your students up for life.

Packed with useful teaching tools

If you’re a content creator, you’ll have the  ability to build customised learning scenarios inside the Xero Lifelong Learning Platform. It also gives you the chance to add useful pre-loaded data for educators. Students can then jump right in and start to experiment for themselves. These powerful tools use real Xero accounts and Xero's functionality, and because it's in the cloud, it's always available.

Building the next generation of beautiful thinkers

By creating a better way to teach business, we’re building better business thinkers for the future. With the use of this platform, students can grow their financial literacy, providing them with the in-demand skills, knowledge and ability to graduate job-ready.

Real-life scenarios at the push of a button

Educators who use the platform can deploy realistic scenarios to classes, allowing students to guide themselves using the preloaded exercises. We’re also building features to automate grades and integrate with popular learning systems too.

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