From out of time, to always adding value

If you’re searching for a more efficient way to help your clients this new financial year, these tools and resources will help you stay one step ahead.

Drive profitability with Projects

Saving time on every job is always a bonus. And with Xero Projects, you can focus on the jobs you have and drive profitability for the entire financial year.

xero projects live webinar
What is Projects?

Xero Projects is a simple, real-time project accounting tool right within Xero. Small businesses in service industries can job cost and time track more efficiently, from home or on their mobile.

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xero managing projects course
Projects management course

We’ll introduce you to Xero projects and walk you through the benefits functionality. We'll also cover how it connects with other parts of Xero like invoicing, expenses and inventory. 

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xero what is projects?
Xero Projects in action

Co-founder of Carbon Group, Jamie Davison, shares their story of progression, and the role Xero Projects plays to supports their holistic approach to core business solutions.

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xero managing projects course
Managing Projects course

This course introduces Xero Projects and will teach you how to set up Projects, create a project, capture time and expenses, invoice a project and view project reports.

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Single Touch Payroll is here

Single Touch Payroll is finally here. If you’re not familiar with what it is and how it works, we’ve put together some helpful hints to get you started.

preparing for single touch payroll live webinars
Get ready for Single Touch Payroll

Find out how STP looks in Xero payroll and what's involved in the setup process. We'll also look at connecting to the ATO and file payroll information.

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xero now single touch payroll
STP and the single ledger: what’s next?

When July rolled around, so too did Single Touch Payroll, a change to the way employers interact with the ATO in the new financial year and beyond.

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single touch payroll xero
Xero is Single Touch Payroll ready

It's now easier than ever to file your payroll with the ATO. With STP in Xero, you’ll be able to comply with the new requirements in just a few simple clicks.

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Partner consulting services

Changing your business requires more than just software. That’s why our Xero consulting team and certified practice studio partners are always here to provide the service and support you need. 

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One tax solution for all your clients

Every new financial year means another round of tax returns. This year, keep on top of it all with these handy hints and tips.

Xero Tax Series 2018
Xero Tax is simple to use, featuring a rich platform with massive time-saving capabilities. In these recorded webinars you'll receive an overview of the most popular tax returns available in Xero Tax.

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Intro to Xero Tax
Find out about how Xero Tax integrates with your client’s Xero organisations and the ATO, Adobe Sign and Dropbox Business. We’ll also take a look at how you can use Xero Tax to suspend lodgements.

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What to expect in the new financial year
Automated compliance, digitised tax and mainstream security. Just what changes can accountants and bookkeepers expect to see over the new financial year? And what can you do to prepare?

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Setting up Xero Tax
In this course, you’ll learn how to get started with Xero Tax through an easy to follow step-by-step guide. You’ll learn about the set-up process, how to use the import features with staff lists and contacts and much more.

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Adding value to your service offering

It’s no secret that adding value to clients keeps your practice on top. So this financial year, why not explore the ways that Xero can help you do exactly that?

Live webinars: Reporting in Xero

Identify which reports can help you analyse and grow a business. You'll also learn how to help your clients progress to the next level. There are multiple live webinars starting 4 July 2018.


Reporting in Xero live webinars new financial year

Live webinars: Xero Practice Manager tips and tricks

If you've made the change to Xero Practice Manager, join us live as we provide advice to get the most out of your new solution and post implementation tips and tricks. There are multiple webinars starting 6 July 2018. Please note, there will be a different topic each session.


Xero Practice Manager financial year

Converting your practice to the cloud

Xero Cloud Jumpers helps accountants and bookkeepers, just like you, leap to a whole new way of working. Reimagine the way your business runs and how you support your clients by converting your business to the cloud. 


xero cloud jumpers

Positioning Xero to your clients

Learn how to confidently discuss Xero with clients as an accounting solution, while being able to demonstrate Xero features and benefits for an SMB.


Positioning Xero to clients

Put your practice in the spotlight

Get in front of the thousands of businesses globally who search the Xero advisor directory each month. See how you can set up your directory profile and shine a brighter light on your listing.


xero advisor directory financial year

Partner toolkit

The partner toolkit is here to help your practice grow. It's a go-to for marketing materials, announcements, learning resources and events. Check back regularly as resources and events will be updated and changed.

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Making the most of every Xero app

A new financial year means the chance to explore new apps. Here’s all you need to know to start exploring Xero’s app marketplace.

App advisory webinar series
Demystifying apps series

Tune into our live webinars as we chat with a handful of experts about demystifying apps, while covering a bunch of different topics that will help you discover the benefits of app advisory for both you and your clients.

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Xero HQ
Fuel your practice with Xero HQ

Xero HQ is the hub for providing superior client services: get real-time visibility and insights across all of your clients, connect with a curated selection of third-party apps, and access the best tools.

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Intro to Xero HQ
Introduction to Xero HQ course

Your Xero HQ role and staff permissions determine what you can see and do in Xero HQ. This course takes you through the activity feed, clients list, explorer and practice overview.

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Basics of connected apps
The basics of connected apps course

Xero can cater to the unique needs of a small business, and even be vital to its success - but potentially also vital to the success of your own practice. Learn why building an app ecosystem could be vital to a business.

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Xero HQ report templates
What's new in Xero HQ report templates

This course will walk you through the changes that we've made to Xero HQ Report Templates in 2018, teach you how to edit the new templates and give you an understanding of the new report codes.

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Apps for accountants
A handy guide to Xero’s preferred app partners

Finding new ways to help clients can sometimes prove challenging. But with help from Xero and some smart apps, you can broaden your offering, grow your client's business, and boost your practice’s bottom line.

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